FAQ questions.

Is the price of the product accurate? Can I make a counter-offer?

    (1) The prices are accurate, but since the market is fluctuating, our merchandise prices are updated from time to time. We generally do not accept counteroffers, as we already offer deep discounts on our merchandise.

    Note: The exception is that if you choose to deal with us by wire transfer, you can get an additional 10% discount on your order, which can be found at Bulk-order Discount Policy

    Is your website and company reliable? Is my payment amount safe?

      (1) Data Direct Global Limited is a company that has been in the business of selling network equipment for 8 years. We have over 1000+ satisfied customers from over 100 countries worldwide.

      (2) Your payment amount is safe. When you make a purchase on any of Data Direct global's platforms, we ensure that your privacy, including personal and bank card information, is not compromised.

      Whether you purchase from the website or from the Alibaba store, your payment will be temporarily held in a payment institution, such as PayPal, a credit card institution or the Alibaba platform, and we will provide a bill number after shipment, and we will not receive your payment until after you have ensured receipt of the goods.

      How to make warranty for the purchased goods

        You refer to  Product Warranty Policy

        Does the price at checkout include tax? Do I need to pay additional tax?

          The amount you pay at checkout does not include tax, and the general price is the EX price. You can refer to Taxs Customs Duties for details.

          What kind of payment methods do you support?

            We currently support Wire Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, Alibaba

            Q?  Where do your products come from?

            A.  All of our products from Cisco Disti,Cisco partner, Cisco distribution directly.

            Q? If all goods can buy service from local cisco (like Euro or America state)?

            A. All goods can buy service from local market, because we can offer goods are smartnet free (Clean serial number).

            Q? Should we pay the deposit for the items need special place order?

            A. Need pay 20% down payment for the irregular product.Because Cisco not allow concel the order after Feb.28th,2013

            Q?  How to ship the goods?

            A. Datadirect cooperation with FEDEX,UPS & DHL and air shippment. Orders can be tracked by express Tracking number. Air shipment will supply the B/L.

            Q?  What's your Payment term?

            A. We always do 10% advaced 90% before shipping.For long time cooperation,our AM can apply creditaccording to our previous deal.

            Q? Do you offer overnight shipping?

            A. Yes, we do. We can provides overnight shipping for the kits in stock.Please take notice of the shipping lead time in order to ensure proper delivery expectations.

            Q? Can l use my own freight account to ship my order?

            A. Sure, we can use your accounts to ship goods wihtout any issue.

            Q? What type of warranty do you offer?

            A. We offer 90 day DOA(Dead On Arrival) replacement warranty.

            Q? Are you an authorized partner of the equipment that you sell?

            A. Datadirect is not an authorized partner of the lT Hardware that it distributes, however all of the equipment is guaranteed to be authentic and Brand New Factory Sealed.