EoS Announcement for the Aruba APs and Switches

AS the technology developing, HP has upgrade its products almost every year. If you have HP old devices, you will find some EOS products are not easy to use than before. So you must get new devices to replace those old devices.

Which New Devices will Replace Your EOS Products?

In this post, we listed these products, hope them help!

Aruba Product EOS Announcement
Product SKU EOS date repalacement
AP-320 (Except for AP-325-F1) All SKU except for JW187A 2021-7-31 AP-535
AP-330 All SKU 2021-7-31 AP-535
AP-325-CVR-20 JW076A 2021-7-31 N/A
Aruba 2530 10/100 48 Ports Switch J9778A,J9781A 2021-10-31 Aruba CX6100
Aruba 2530 Gigabit Switches J9772A~J9777A 2021-10-31 Aruba CX6100
Aruba 2540 Switch JL354A~JL357A 2021-10-31 Aruba CX6100
Aruba Meridian Campaigns JZ095AAE,JZ100AAE,JZ105AAE 2021-6-1 Aruba Meridian Blue Dot


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