Why Choose Us

Thank you for your interest in our business, DataDirect Global has been rooted in the ICT industry for 10 years, and with its many channel resources and comprehensive services, I believe there are great possibilities for cooperation between us and your company.

Regarding how we can collaborate, we offer a wide range of services and advantages that can benefit your company:

  • Extensive Stock Availability: We maintain a vast stock of high-demand Cisco, Aruba, HPE, Dell, Huawei, Fortinet products, totaling over US$3M, ready for immediate shipping.
  • Global Delivery: Our partnership with leading logistics services such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS ensures efficient and swift global deliveries. We provide DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipments for added convenience.
  • Significant Discounts: We offer substantial discounts of up to 80% off the global list prices for various top-brand products, including Cisco, HPE, Aruba, Huawei, Dell, among others.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Payment methods include T/T, Credit Card, West Union, Alibaba Payment, and even credit terms for long-term business relationships.
  • Dedicated Sales and Technical Support: Our dedicated sales service assures personalized attention to every purchase order. Additionally, we provide free professional IT engineer technical consulting.
  • Global Maintenance Services: Our maintenance services cover OEM maintenance and 3rd-party maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and support.
We believe our strengths align well with your needs, and we are eager to discuss further how we can tailor our services to complement your requirements. 
Looking forward to further discussions and the possibility of working together.