Check out this Merkai Licence Buying Guide!

We recently got feedback from customers who had problems with Meraki license renewals.

Sometimes customers ask us, ‘Can you quote me for my MX67 licence renewal?

But if you don't specify what type of licence you want, it may take us longer to give you a quote.

To help you with this, we've put together a guide on how to choose the right Meraki license for yourself or your clients.

Meraki Licensing Overview

When it comes to Meraki equipment, here are the most common license types to be aware of:

Meraki APs (MR Series): e.g. LIC-ENT-1YR


Meraki MX Appliances: e.g. LIC-MX67-ENT-1Y, LIC-MX67-SEC-1Y, LIC-MX67-SDW-1Y


Meraki MS Series: e.g. LIC-MS120-8-xY


For MR and MS series devices, there is typically only one license type per device. For the MX series, the three main license types each offer different features and levels of security, so choosing the right one is crucial.


Usually the licence is a secret key, if you or your client don't know how to use it, please refer to the attached user's guide

How Data Direct Global Can Help

We understand that selecting Meraki's various equipment and licence types can be challenging. That's where Datadirect Global comes in. Our experienced product managers will guide you through the selection process and recommend the most appropriate option for your specific needs.

Our Meraki licenses are available with a lead time of just 3-5 days, and they can be utilized globally.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us.

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