Cisco Meraki SaaS Cloud-Managed IT Solutions

Cisco Meraki is a must-have for the future, a 100% SaaS cloud-managed IT solution.

Meraki provides comprehensive, scalable and intuitive SaaS cloud management IT solutions including:

  • Wireless Access Points (MR), Switches (MS), SD-WAN Routers (MX), Smart Sensors (MT), Smart Cameras (MV), Cellular Gateways, Mobile Device Management.
  • Integrated hardware, software and SaaS cloud services.
  • Central management through a browser-based control panel.

Meraki is one of Cisco's fastest growing product lines and a market leader in SaaS cloud management networks. It has the following advantages:

  • Unanimous recognition and trust from more than 750,000 customers worldwide.
  • More than 4 million active customer networks.
  • Including more than 13 million online devices.

Zero-touch deployment

Day 0: The client has no staff remotely

Simplified management and operation and maintenance

Day 1: Customers need multi-point remote management and centralized operation and maintenance


DayN: Troubleshooting

Using artificial intelligence to solve office IT management problems

Powerful data insight and analysis capabilities to help you make better business decisions and fully unleash your innovation potential

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