Black Friday is here! Aruba products continue to drop in price! Multiple switch products reduced by up to 10%, Cisco prices stable.


This week sees the Black Friday sale! Several high-end brands of networking equipment are also starting to loosen their prices. For example, the market price of aruba switches has been reduced by around 5-10% this week, and there have also been slight price reductions on aruba AP products.

Cisco's prices are more stable.

It looks like the brands are still trying to take advantage of the Black Friday and Christmas rush. datadirectglobal is also bringing you dozens of hot products with deep discounts during Black Friday!

Brand Model Qty Brand Model Qty
Aruba JL677A 20 Aruba JL319A 3
Aruba JL679A 20 Aruba JL660A 8
Aruba JL259A 10 Aruba JL320A 40
Aruba JL258A 5 Aruba JL260A 24
Aruba JL724A 10 Aruba R8N85A 10
Aruba JL676A 13 Aruba R8N86A 27
Aruba JL678A 15 Aruba R8N87A 19
Cisco C9200L-48P-4G-E 41 Aruba R8N88A 20
Cisco C1000-24T-4G-L 66 Cisco C9200L-48P-4X-E 8
Cisco C1000-24T-4X-L 54 Cisco C9200L-48T-4X-E 12
Cisco C1000-48P-4X-L 28 Cisco CBS350-24P-4G-CN 19
Cisco C1000-48T-4X-L 12 Cisco C9300-24P-E 10
Cisco C1000-16T-2G-L 14 Cisco C9300-24T-E 33
Cisco C9200L-24P-4G-E 4 Cisco C9300-48P-E 18
Cisco C9200L-24P-4X-E 24 Cisco C9300-48T-A 2
Brand Model Qty Brand Model Qty
Aruba R7J27A 80 Aruba Q9H62A 350
Aruba JZ320A 23 Aruba JZ336A 37
Aruba R2H28A 302 Cisco ISR4221/K9 12
Brand Model Qty Brand Model Qty
Cisco GLC-TE= 70 Cisco MA-SFP-1GB-SX 92
Aruba JL085A 12 Cisco C9200L-STACK-KIT= 15


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