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Optimize Your Workforce with Meraki MS Cloud-First Switching

Optimize Your Workforce with Meraki MS Cloud-First Switching

Meraki MS Switches

Optimize workforces with cloud-first switching


  • Scalable cloud-management
  • Zero-touch deployment, configure 100s of ports simultaneously
  • Virtual stacking for simple edits and configurations


  • Built-in security to defend against threats
  • Encrypted traffic analytics
  • Enable port access to only whitelisted devices


  • Full port visibility and control
  • Network topology for complete network monitoring
  • Intelligently identify and inspect traffic, apps, devices
  • Built-in live troubleshooting


  • Alerts for faster response
  • Port scheduling for energy cost savings
  • APIs for in-depth network analysis and automation


Network Topology:
at-a-glance visibility

  • View physical or logical connections of your network with L2 and L3 topology views
  • Easily trace the network path from the client device to the gateway
  • Locate non-Meraki devices


In today's economy, enterprises are looking for new ways to save costs and reduce operating expenses for their IT networks. Often, investing in technology that provides monitoring and centralized management of the network and power-on equipment can achieve this.


If the enterprise has the information and technology to easily control the power-on network equipment in an intelligent way

and capabilities, a 5-year deployment can save up to $270,000, including reductions

750 tonnes of CO2 emissions1. The return on investment often goes far beyond recovering the cost of the original technology, with benefits such as improving building safety and fostering an environmentally responsible workforce.

Reduce energy costs at the edge of the network with Meraki switches

60%  energy cost savings with intelligent PoE and port scheduling


With a simple click, you can set the POE of MS to achieve energy saving

* MR can also turn off the wireless at an independent timed interval


100 units x 30 watts x 720 hours x 12 months / 1000 watts x 1 yuan = 25920 yuan


100 units x 30 watts x 176 hours x 12 months / 1000 watts x 1 yuan = 6336 yuan (76% reduction)

Save 196,000 electricity bills in ten years

*Calculated at 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity

It's easy to start a port plan in three easy steps

Compared with traditional APs, it saves 76% energy and saves about $3K in electricity bills a year

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