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Cisco Security Reference Architecture

Cisco Security Reference Architecture

This new Cisco security reference architecture is broken down to 4 main categories which is aligned with customer networks today.
User/Device Security;
Network Security; Cloud Edge + On-Premises
Application Security
SecureX with Security Operation + Talos

On this architecture , there are also 3 main popular customer solutions to highlight
Zero Trust (workforce, workplace, workload)
SASE (Remote Worker and branch/network edge)
XDR (with Security Operations)

The User/Security module focuses on user/device access. Cisco’s offering here is the Unified Client/EDR/Cloud Managed solution(Meraki Systems Mananger). The Unified client is the framework that is designed to pull all the Anyconnect modules today (VPN, ISE Posture, Umbrella Roaming Security module, Network Visibility Module, AMP4E, Orbital, Duo Device Health App, DART) all into a single merged code.

In this picture, we can see many Cisco security solutions, some are deployed locally, some are deployed in the cloud, some are deployed in the intranet, and some are deployed in the egress network. Cisco provides a comprehensive end-to-end security solution, which can help us use our network more securely.

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