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Cisco EN Solution - Catalyst Full Stack

Cisco EN Solution - Catalyst Full Stack

Let's take a look at the introduction of Cisco Catalyst full-stack solution


So what are the products – hardware and software solutions that make up the Catalyst Full Stack architecture?

  • The diagram above shows the full breadth of solutions that comprise the Catalyst Full Stack.
  • Starting from the left, Cisco has everything to help enterprises connect from access points and switches, core switches, wireless controllers, SDWAN/SASE routers . This comprise  Catalyst 9000 switches, the newest being the Catalyst 9000-X and Wifi 6/6E access points, Cat8K routers which are available in VM form factor.
  • Then we get to the integrated software stack enabled by Cisco DNA licensing that enables capabilities beyond connectivity. For identity, policy and threat detection and cloud security, we have Cisco ISE, Secure Network Analytics and Umbrella, we also have vAnalytics for SDWAN to give you additional insights and soon predictive network capabilities.
  • For analytics and insights, we have Cisco Spaces for wireless, user, devices and IoT analytics and Thousand Eyes that gives end-to-end visibility from the network to the internets to improve application and network experience.
  • Control is done through Cisco Catalyst Center and Vmanage which provides the management, automation, assurance and analytics supported by an AI/ML engine. Cisco continues to innovate in Cisco Catalyst Center with a Virtual Machine version generally available in a few months to give you added flexibility in your operating model.
  • The Catalyst Full Stack can also support the extended enterprise with Industrial Networking products which are also Catalyst branded - IR, IW and IE and can be managed by Cisco Catalyst Center through Cisco DNA licensing and also extend SDWAN to the edge.

Cisco has industry leading innovations with Catalyst Full stack. The hardware runs on a common IOS XE operating system and has Custom ASICs, leadership ins UPOE+ and container APP hosting capabilities, which is unmatched in the industry.

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