Superior cost for networking installation at APAC region
As much of our clients have a needful on intallation when they are
doing global ICT project.
especially at this special time. They can't delivery engineer oversea.
Or due to the cost is over buget too much or take too much time.
For this, Datadirect Global offer Engineer onsite service covered
all APAC region with a superior cost with you.
We working with 150+ Manufacturer certified engineers from locally
to offer you Quality service.
1, Region covered for FE onsite:
Country Installation service Pricing
China Mainland Email
China Hong Kong Email
China Taiwan Email
China Macau Email
Malaysia Email
Philippines Email
Indonessia Email
Singapore Email
Thailand Email
Australia Email
Vietnam Email
Japan Email
South Korea Email
India Email
Cambodian Email
Laos Email
Myanmar Email
Pakistan Email

need other region supports and have any further questions. Please contact