Aruba Stock Clearance Sale--Ready to ship.
Datadirect is having a stock clearance sale now. More than 80 Aruba original new items are in stock at excellent prices! Products include Aruba APs, Controllers & Modules, etc.
Offer subject to availability & while stocks last.
PN Description Stock QTY Unit price(USD) Condition
JX952A Aruba AP-207 Dual 2x2:2 802.11ac AP 2 $144.50 New
JW170A Aruba AP-215 Dual 3x3:3 802.11ac AP 1 $306.00 New
JW174A Aruba AP-225 Dual 3x3:3 802.11ac AP 2 $374.00 New
JX935A Aruba AP-304 Dual 2x2/3x3 802.11ac AP 54 $255.00 New
JW795A Aruba AP-314 Dual 2x2/4x4 802.11ac AP 24 $340.00 New
JW186A Aruba AP-325 Dual 4x4:4 802.11ac AP 108 $442.00 New
JW801A Aruba AP-335 Dual 4x4:4 11ac 2.5GbE AP 80 $510.00 New
JY693A Aruba AP-203H (RW) Unified AP 500 $90.00 New
JY712A Aruba AP-203R (RW) Unified Remote AP 3 $170.00 New
JL186A Aruba IAP-215 (RW) Instant 3x3:3 11ac AP 1 $306.00 New
JW245A Aruba IAP-228 (RW) Hardened Instant AP 1 $510.00 New
JX939A Aruba IAP-304 (RW) Instant 2x/3x 11ac AP 16 $255.00 New
JW805A Aruba IAP-314 (RW) Instant 2x/4x 11ac AP 23 $340.00 New
JW811A Aruba IAP-315 (RW) Instant 2x/4x 11ac AP 48 $340.00 New
JW325A Aruba IAP-325 (RW) Instant 4x4:4 11ac AP 92 $425.00 New
JW823A Aruba IAP-335 (RW) Instant 4x4:4 11ac AP 9 $510.00 New
JX966A Aruba AP-365 (RW) Outdoor AP 50 $476.00 New
JW751A Aruba 7220 (RW) Controller 2 $11,050.00 New
J9990A Aruba 20p PoE+ / 4p SFP+ v3 zl2 Mod 5 $1,190.00 New
J9987A Aruba 24p 1000BASE-T v3 zl2 Mod 4 $1,020.00 New
J9988A Aruba 24p 1GbE SFP v3 zl2 Mod 4 $1,230.00 New

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