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Do You Need Huawei S5700-28C-EI-AC Switch?

Oct 31, 2018

The Huawei S5700-28C-EI-AC, it is one of the S5700 series models is a flexible platform which allows you maximize L3 switching capability and downstream port bandwidth in 100 Mbit/s into 1 Gbit/s at an extremely dependable and energy-efficient switch.

10 GE uplink interfaces with smart iStack technology enable up to 9 switches to be united to one stack for simple scalability.

Advanced VLAN design along with Huawei's eSight management platform supply easy, safe, automated procedures for configuring the system, such as remote updates, saving time and reducing network communication flaws.

Energy-saving attributes and PoE support fit electricity demands with powered devices (IP phones, WLAN access points); idle and hibernation modes reduce energy consumption without compromising stability.

S5700 series includes S5700-28C-HI, S5700-28C-PWR-EI, S5700-28C-SI, and other models. If you are interested in it , you can contact us at any time. Waiting for your calling.


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