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Do You Know CISCO2951/K9 router?

Sep 30, 2018

The Cisco Router is an integrated services router, a welfare integrated service network router, and a network router that gets paid.

The CISCO2951/K9 router is an entirely scalable and reliable solution for video, voice, data, wireless and mobility solutions. This router provides more power and capacity compared to other 2900 series apparatus. Expand the router available modules, bringing different link types, ports and optimization utilities into the gadget.

Onboard the Cisco 2951 router is a multi-core chip and strong hardware. Three gigabit Ethernet interfaces and a SFP port provide WAN connectivity. After the SFP interface is currently in use, among those RJ45 ports deactivates.

CISCO2951 series includes CISCO2951-SEC/K9, CISCO2951-V/K9, If you want to know more information, and can call us now.


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