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Cisco 12416 Router

Cisco 12416 Router

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Figure 1. Cisco XR 12000 and 12000 Series Routing Portfolio with Cooling, Fabric, and Power Enhancements

Cisco XR 12000 and 12000 Series Product Portfolio Overview

This portfolio of routers delivers capacity and services with its fully distributed forwarding architecture and high-efficiency crossbar switch fabric. The combination of a centralized scheduler and unique virtual-output-queuing (VOQ) technology is aimed at maximizing the use of the switch fabric bandwidth, minimizing latency, and providing non-blocking performance. Cisco uses the latest in high-performance application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology to provide line-rate forwarding with an extensive feature set, while maintaining the strict control of jitter and latency required for real-time services. Offering a comprehensive set of quality-of-service (QoS), IP/MPLS, and high-availability features, the Cisco XR 12000 Series and 12000 Series routers can help ensure maximum bandwidth usage and traffic differentiation while meeting even the strictest customer service-level agreements (SLAs).

The Cisco XR 12000 Series and 12000 Series routers use Cisco IOS ® XR Software and Cisco IOS Software, respectively, to deliver numerous service possibilities for network operators. With the addition of the Cisco XR 12000 Series to its high-end routing product lines, Cisco gives providers a graceful upgrade path for their installed base of Cisco 12000 Series routers as they transition toward a converged Cisco IP Next-Generation Network infrastructure. For a detailed list of feature support, software capabilities, compatibility,

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